How does Laser solution for metal cutting?


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                     How does Laser solution for metal cutting?

Different from other laser manufacturers, Goldenlaser has not only offered high-technology laser machines, but also created a series solution of integrating model design, nesting, cutting, ERP methods, which provides users more efficient, convenient, material-saving, and higher quality service.

Solution Flow: CAD design → Professional steel typeset software → Goldenlaser Cutting Software → ERP management

 Solution Features for steel plate typesetting:

Offering a variety of typeset methods(ture shape automatic nesting, rectangle envelop edge of nest arith ethic, rectangle cutting nesting, same parts array nesting, etc.)and nesting patterns(single steel nesting in sequence, auto batch nesting, steel board replicable repeated nesting, remain steel nesting, part full nesting, etc.). Fast calculating speed and high material-utilization rate, it adopts multi-document view operation.

Cutting process card generation system.

NC edit and cutting test to guarantee accuracy working effect.

Manual optimized typeset. Providing powerful semi-auto interactive and automatic functions of accessory group operation, many geometry conversion, array copy, rotate copy, auto collision, synchronous move and rotate, accessory move cross different steel, part auto filling, partsadded and overload checked, automatic interference and detection etc., it operates very easily and is user-friendly.

Automatic edge-shared cutting. Three path generation ways of auto edge-shared cutting:

Semi-automatic “S”shape path for two parts;

Automatic path for multi-parts;

 Automatic create “Ladder common edge cutting path”by array of  rectangle accessory group. Besides, it can generate arbitrary commoncutting path.

The above three points are solutions for common cutting issue.

Cutting path manage. Supporting all kinds of contour edit function(auto nest, set jump-off intelligence, change direction, lead-in and lead-out line, unidirectional scaling etc.); Providing the function of innovative “portray”cutting path, it can set in nesting picture flexibly, revise path at will, design any complex path(multi-parts common cutting, chain cutting, bridge cutting path, multi-parts consecutive cutting and some other special cutting method.)

 Steel database and remaining material management. Steel plate in-database and out-database management; when nesting, auto use and update database; define the edge of remaining material flexibly; calculate material utilization rate and auto calculate the use of remains.

 Data collection and statistical report. Providing many sheet-outputting functions(nesting picture and parts list, cutting process card, cutting plan, material consumption, steel consumption, statistics of multi-steel parts collection etc.)

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